The law that requires the cars to run with lights on during the day is already worth and has hit our A3, the only current Long fleet with DRL

The law came controversy in early July: at first, all cars should be driven on highways during the day, with the connected dimmers. Just at the entrance of Eve into force of the law is that the DRL (daytime running lamp) was announced by the authorities as an alternative accept the low light.
The DRL is a present day lighting device, especially in more modern models and whose function is precisely what the law seeks: to make visible car day.
The new legislation, however, raises doubts about the lamps used in the DRL. Some believe that only the LEDs are accepted in the new law. Others – such as Fiat and Volkswagen assembly plants – interpret than conventional bulbs (filament) are also considered appropriate.
Our Long Duration fleet, only the Audi A3 has the DRL with LED lamps. Our Jeep Renegade is equipped with filament DRL, while the Nissan Kicks newcomer brings another peculiarity: the design signature of lights, which have led but are not considered DRL – and therefore do not meet the new law.
Confusion, however, goes further. It turns out that the management of some roads that cut through the city just in time, leaving it to the city just by the passage of the urbanization process. In other words, no longer meet the highway function and became expressways.
The Tietê and Pinheiros Рthis, where is the headquarters of Editora Abril in Sao Paulo Рare good examples of roads that now have treatment avenue. Hall, Military Police and CET (Traffic Engineering Company) in Sao Paulo announced, including the daytime running without dimmers was released.
But on its website, the Senate reported (erroneously) the opposite: it included the two marginal in a list of highways in which urban stretch the non-use of headlights during the day would be assessments of target. When in doubt, many people began to run with the lights on.
The latter vagueness, by the way, was the justification used by the Federal Court to temporarily suspend the application of fines for absence of the use of dimmers (and DRL) on roads until all roads are properly marked about.
Since the ABS brakes and airbags are already required equipment, as will the stability control (ESP), FOUR WHEELS believes that the best thing to do on the subject is to make compulsory the DRL, as well as automatic activation system of headlights, especially on models with panels type always on (always on).
Both are effective, but just a lack of attention of the driver during the night for late transition to forget to turn on the headlights and end up running to the car without lighting – rear inclusive.

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