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BMW workers smoke marijuana and cause millionaire damage

Plant where the Series 3 and 4 are manufactured has been interrupted

Two workers-assemblers at the BMW plant in Munich (Germany) had a bad run-in on the morning of last March 3. According to the German daily Bild, they took advantage of a break in the assembly line of synthetic marijuana smoke exhausts – far more powerful than the natural herb.

One of them also had enough alcohol in the blood, while the other would have taken amphetamines. Both fainted, and had to be attended by the medical service, which forced the Munich assembly line (where Series 3 and Series 4 are made) to a 40-minute break.

The interruption would have caused a domino effect throughout the plant. BMW claims that the injury was in the five-digit range, but an estimate by Bild himself says that the disruption should cost more than € 1 million. The two workers were of Polish origin – one has already been fired, while the other will be relocated.

The Munich unit is one of the largest at BMW in Europe, with approximately 7,800 employees from 50 different countries. In addition to the Series 3 and 4, it also manufactures gasoline and diesel engines for the brand’s entire portfolio.

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