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What are screen-printed banners for windscreens?

They finish the glass in the manufacturing process and also function as UVB protection

It serves to finish and improve the adhesion of the laminated glass that are glued to the frame of the windshield. Thus, it hides imperfections of these areas and even equipment, such as internal rear view mirror, antennas or rain or light sensors – in this case, this range advances in the central part of the glass.

In the manufacturing process, the laminated windshield is composed of two glass slides and, in the middle, a plastic film, the PVB (Polyvinyl butyral plastic) for the bonding of the two external parts, one of them already with the silkscreen applied.

The union between the two blades is made in a very high temperature oven. The dithering between the silk-screened band and the translucent part of the glass prevents the heat from creating distortions between the two areas, as the black part tends to heat faster than the transparent part.

After fabrication, this screen-printed strip (in fact a ceramic-based paint that can not be scratched) protects the PVB from ultraviolet rays, which in extreme cases could deteriorate the properties of the sealant.

The dots also function as a transition zone for the driver, smoothing not only the aesthetic as the incidence of the rays of the sun when they pass from one area to another.

On models like the Jeep Renegade, which illustrates the photo above, the silk-screened track also hides one of the so-called easter eggs – in Renegade’s case, it is the silhouette of a classic Jeep MB at the base of the windshield.


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