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Interesting OnStar System Curiosities and Causes

With almost nine months market, check out the most frequent calls to the system, the number of cars recovered from theft and robbery, among other interesting facts

Launched at the end of September last year at Cruze (but existing in the US since 2006), OnStar’s personal concierge system and personal assistant already has nearly nine months of market. According to General Motors (GM), there are in Brazil 7,500 cars equipped with the system, among them, Cruze, Cruze Sport6, Cobalt, S10, TrailBlazer and, more recently, the new generation of Cruze. In this short space of time, the system already counts interesting stories and curiosities, check some of them below:

The most frequent calls to the central office of the system

According to GM, among the most frequent calls to OnStar are the points of interest with 26.5%, weather forecast (26%), general information (17%), news (9%) and, surprisingly, horoscope With 2% of the most requested calls. The center also receives calls with variables according to the season, such as requests for addresses of vaccination posts against H1N1 flu and even more unusual calls, such as price consultations for air tickets, set time with manicure and believe, even quote price On the internet. There are also more useful requests, such as the driver who asks the attendant to call a certain person to warn them that the battery has run out, that they are stuck in a jam, among others.

Use of OnStar by users

The brand also discloses some numbers regarding the use of the OnStar system, which show that the Brazilian consumer is receptive to the issue of technological news. According to GM, 71% of OnStar users use concierge services, 80% use at least one service channel, 36.6% use system resources through the smartphone application, and only 16% refer to their OnStar account ( And other functionalities) via computer.

System costs after one year of free use

As announced at the launch of Cruze restyled in 2015, the brand will release OnStar values ​​only when the system completes one year of market, that is, at the end of September this year. The manufacturer just said that the system will have values ​​similar to those of the market tracking companies, which charge between $ 70 and $ 120 per month.

Amount of cars recovered from theft and robbery

Since it became available, the OnStar system has been able to recover 15 cars in cases of theft and robbery. In addition, the average time for vehicle recovery is two and a half hours. It is worth noting that Brazilian law does not allow companies to recover the vehicle – the task is the responsibility of the Military Police. That way, the OnStar team will support the police throughout the recovery process. That is, it is necessary that the B.O (Occurrence Report) be done as soon as possible, since any action, including blocking and speed reduction, can only happen under the guidance of the Military Police. The sooner the bulletin is made, the greater the chances of recovering the vehicle.

OnStar news on the new Cruze

Among the new features introduced in the new Cruze, there are sensors that are now able to detect the incline of the vehicle. A practical example would be the situation of the vehicle being towed, where the incline sensor would detect some abnormality and warn the owner via application. In addition, there are new sensors that check if some of the ports are being forced (available for everyone with OnStar). If you detect this, the owner of the vehicle will also be advised and can do the later verification.

Another new feature is a valet alert that alerts the car owner if the valet is more than 500 meters away from the location where the car should be parked in theory. Already the wheeling alert adds another function: before this feature only warned when the driver was near the locality with carriage, and now, if the driver is already on the street, the system warns when the restriction time is near.

Upcoming cars that will receive the system

The projection of the brand is that the whole line has the equipment. With this, the next Onix and Prisma will be available with the OnStar system. Like the models fitted today, we can expect top-of-the-line versions to receive the standard concierge system.

Stories: remedy for daughter

Among the stories of those using OnStar, one of the most moving was that of a father who had taken the sick daughter to a doctor’s office, where the doctor said she should take the medicine as soon as possible in order not to feel sick. Leaving the consultation, the father began to go from pharmacy in pharmacy to look for the remedy, but without success. With that, he called the OnStar headquarters to find others on the way, but unfortunately, there was no other drugstore available on that route, according to the attendants.

The father thanked him and said he would try to find a way. However, the control center began to monitor the vehicle route (as previously requested by the driver) and voluntarily started to consult other pharmacies closest to it and check if the medicine was available. He located one and the central returned to the girl’s father saying that he had found the drugstore with the requested medicine and booked it and sent the local route to the vehicle’s OnStar system.

Stories: the theft that was not theft

One landlady went to get her car in the garage, but he was not there. He called the central OnStar and claimed that the car had been stolen, then commenced the basic procedures, made the B.O, and the vehicle began to be monitored by the attendant. The center then returned to the girl saying that the car was in a mall. It sounded strange. Then a team was sent to the place of the vehicle, which was empty, but they suspected a young man who approached the Cruze. In passing on the characteristics to the owner, they discovered that it was his brother-he had taken the vehicle without warning her.


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