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Renault scrapes the VW up! To promote the Kwid

Renault has not had the slightest issue of easing in the promotion of its new entry model. Presented as the “compact SUV”, the Kwid simply scultures the VW up! On all your new promotional videos, like the ones you can see below.

With the video “Lombadas”, exhibited in the official site of Kwid in Brazil, the esculacho comes in the form of the phrase “compact car does not need to have compact height”. And the model used for example, even if no emblems or other elements appear, is clearly the up !. The highlight in this case is for the good height in relation to the ground that Kwid should offer. And that is, to a large extent, the reason Renault says it will be an “SUV”. Something that, as we have already seen here, Inmetro endorses. But the thing does not die out there.

Again with a VW up !, Renault chulapa the following sentence: “It is not you that is too high. It’s your car that’s too compact. ” The Kwid also promises a high cabin, capable of accommodating people of good stature even with a short wheelbase of 2.42 m. The so-called H-point, which is seat seat position, should be high on the new Renault to better accommodate passengers. But gloating is not the only concern of the brand. She also wants people to speak her name correctly.

The videos and the aggressive strategy show that Renault wants to make a nice impact on the market with its new entry model. It will be 3.68 m long, 1.58 m wide, 1.48 m high, with 18 cm clearance, and a trunk of 300 liters. It is fabricated on the CMF-A platform and would have a nice reinforcement in structure, to outperform the Indian in crash-tests. It also promises to be the first compact with standard side airbags, so future customers will have faith in the safety it will deliver. The Kwid pre-sale starts on May 15.

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