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Sandero RS Racing Spirit: Renault’s limited series is launched for $ 66,400

Just as you read these lines, this speaker is speeding up the Sandero RS Racing Spirit at the Autodromo Internacional de Curitiba (AIC) – so wait for a video on board very soon on the CARS FOR ALL TYPES channel, with our dynamic impressions at Aboard one of the coolest circuits in Brazil. We’re back to the ratings!
Sandero RS Racing Spirit: Renault’s limited series is launched for $ 66,400

Racing Spirit is a limited series of 1,500 Sandero RS units just launched – and before you ask, no, it is not this time that Renault has introduced the colors Liquid Yellow or Ultra Blue, famous for its cousin Mégane RS. Much less of the John Player Special theme, which we saw in the Grand Prix Concept exhibited at the Motor Show. So, what is it about?

Starting with what really matters: the big news for gearheads is the introduction of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 205/45 R17 tires, replacing the Continental ContiSportContact3 with the same size as the other Sandero RS tires. The Michelin PS4 is the standard tire of the Mercedes-Benz A45, CLA45 and GLA45 AMG, Maserati Gran Turismo and several models of series 1, 3 and 4 of BMW.

Although they are tires of the same category (Max Performance Summer), it is clear that the PS4 project has a more sporty proposal. Note how the drainage ducts are proportionally narrower on Michelin, increasing the area of ​​effective tire contact on the ground. Another vital point is in the design of the tread in the external shoulder region, supporting the corners: again, see that the blocks are bigger and more solid, resulting in more contact and less twisting. According to Michelin, there was a major evolution in the compound with silica and in the design of the carcass in relation to the PS3 – the latter was 20% stiffer and has a hybrid protection canvas of aramid and nylon coating the metallic tarps to increase the Steering feedback and improve directional control. The load and speed index of the CSC3 is 84V (240 km / h and 500 kg) while the PS4 is 88Y (300 km / h and 560 kg). On average, the market price of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is 30% more expensive than the ContiSportContact 3.

Outside the tire upgrade, the Sandero RS Racing Spirit brings a number of visual customization items. On the outside, the brake calipers, the calotte of the wheels, the rearview mirrors, the mustache of the bumper and the extractor-type finish of the rear bumper were painted red. There is a new decorative sticker at the base of the doors with the Racing Spirit theme, also in red.

Inside, the ceiling lining ceases to be gray to assume black tone (the model used in the test is probably a pre-set) and the red one dyes the sill frames, the air diffuser rims on the sides, the speedometer contour And the bands of the seats. The seat seams, steering wheel and shift knob were already red in the common RS and so remained.

In the central console, there is a plate numbering each of the 1,500 units that will be sold at $ 66,400 each – an increase of $ 2,000 compared to the conventional model with the same 17-inch wheels. The track that decorates the plate is the Czech circuit of Brno, well known by the Moto GP and Superbike class and tourism categories such as WTCC, DTM and GT1. The racetrack was part of the calendar of the Renault Sport Series (ex Renault World Series), a series consisting of two simultaneous and parallel championships: the category of single-seat Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 and prototype Renault Sport Trophy, played with R.S. 01.

The cake recipe

In all the rest, the Racing Spirit is a common Sandero RS. For those who do not remember our detailed launching test or our piloting guide in Capuava, follow the recipe below.

Engine: the famous 2.0 16V flex F4R, so used in the swaps of some of the most nervous Clio in Brazil. 150 hp at 5,750 rpm, 20,9 mkgf of torque at 4,000 rpm, enough to take the RS at 100 km / h in 8 s and maximum of 202 km / h. It is the top-of-the-line Duster engine, belonging to the same family of sports Clio III RS 172, 182, 197 and 200 and Mégane RS (this, turbinado, the F4Rt). The F4R is a long stroke, with a stroke of 93 mm compared to the cylinder diameter of 82.7 mm, which leaves it with a footprint at medium speeds, something cool for curve outlets.

At Sandero RS there are some upgrades compared to the Duster F4R: 20% wider intake manifold ducts, increased injection system pressure to 4.2 bar, repositionable air box pickup point and injection mapping and ignition has been redesigned By RenaultSport, aiming at a more aggressive torque curve. The exhaust system tubes gained 5 mm and a higher flow damper was adopted.

Transmission: Despite using the transmission box TL4, the Duster 2.0 16V, its scaling was all resized. The third and fourth gear were shorter, creating a “close ratio” arrangement, with one gear stacked on top of the other, a very desirable feature in sports cars for keeping the engine full. To avoid that it covers your consumption bill, it is recommended to use short shifting (read about the technique here) or even to skip marches in the city, since there is plenty of torque.

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