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F1 – Expectations for the Monaco Grand Prix 2017 – Red Bull

Max Verstappen

I’ve been living in Monaco for a little over a year and really enjoyed every minute of it. I have a good class of friends, which means we always have lots of fun. It’s also nice to be able to train in the Mediterranean sun, and experience the nightlife … in the off-season.

There is no such thing as a low risk back in Monaco, there is no such thing if you want to be fast because you have to be on the edge. The accident last year was very unfortunate, but it does not affect my confidence, it just makes me want to do better this year and learn from my mistakes. We still have a lot to learn from the car in terms of configuration, as it is always in development and we still do not drive it on a tight street circuit.

The preparation for Monaco is a bit different, you improve a little more slowly over the weekend and with a rhythm of your own, “said Verstappen. “It’s important to find the limit carefully. With the new cars I think the chicane of the pool will be the most challenging curve this year. ”

Daniel Ricciardo

In theory, I could live working while we’re in Monaco, it’s still a bit difficult, but it could be done. Luckily, for me, we have boats to the Power Station, which is cool. Being able to sleep in your own bed and complain about the noise is also a real treat.

Monaco is definitely my favorite lane for piotar, it is so tight and intimidating. From the outside, some of the sequences seem impossible to pass through the speeds we make. Once you are in the car it feels incredible. If you kiss the wall, you really want to do it again instead of scaring it. The whole weekend show makes it something unique and special.

Last year was disappointing for me, as I felt we definitely had the win in hand. I am old enough and mature enough now to put this behind and be able to look forward to, and regain what I felt I missed last year. I think I could have gone faster on my return from pole. Personally, I felt that I did very well, one of the best laps I’ve ever done. If I win, the trophy stays with me. No replicas!

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