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Renault Sandero Stepway

Many possibilities for you to live the now

Design expresses freedom in every detail.
Its Crossover spirit, able to combine the technology and robustness of a high body, reveals a car prepared for the challenges inside and outside the city

Discover new possibilities

Inside a Sandero Stepway the possibilities are endless. Now with more connectivity, through the new MEDIA Nav Evolution multimedia system, fully touchscreen with 7 “screen. Discover all the comfort of automatic air-conditioning, steering assistant with autopilot, controller and speed limiter and parking sensor , Besides the comfortable and ergonomic internal space.

More savings because it has more technology. And even more performance.

Discover why the new SCe (Smart Control Efficiency) engines bring more performance and greater pleasure in driving.

Technology of the lanes for the streets

The Sandero Stepway with the new 1.6 SCe engine benefits from the know-how acquired on the racetracks by Renault and receives ESM (Energy Smart Management) technology. This energy regeneration system controls the battery charge, providing more consumption efficiency and lower emission of CO²


The 5-speed automatic transmission offers a series of exclusive systems that combine economy and convenience. Now with a new calibration with ESP, stability control, especially on bends and slippery slopes. In addition to the HSA, assistant climber, which ensures more safety and comfort to the driver.

Stop & Start

Now the Stop & Start system: automatic shutdown of the engine when the vehicle stops in traffic / congestion and is automatically distributed in the starts, reducing fuel consumption and CO² emissions


The Sandero Stepway with the new SCe 1.6 engine reduces up to 15% of consumption, making it one of the most economical in its class. And with evolutions like the distribution chain, which does not need to be replaced, it presents a lower cost of maintenance, as it increases the useful life of its components.


With 118 bhp performance, the new high-performance engine accelerates from 0 to 100km / h in 10.1 seconds and brings more safety with 16% faster pickups

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