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The first facelift of the Volkswagen up! Is ready to be launched in the market, which should occur until April, according to us. The accelerated tests seem to reaffirm this, as evidenced by the glitches we made of various versions of the subcompact, which were running at full steam on the outskirts of Taubaté (SP), where it is produced by VW. We managed to get both the model in the aspirated versions and the more expensive Cross up! TSI. And you can see that not all the changes made in the European car will be passed on to the national model.

It will be just a few differences, as visual surgery will be very similar to the one done in Europe in the first half of last year. It’s a real slap in the face: the changes will focus on the lead. The more expensive versions will have a chrome frieze on the fake grill. That stylized “smile” formed by the old grid has gained more sportive frames, which evidence the moodiest way of the whole.

Perfect for Europe, where the subcompact will have a GTI 1.0 TSI option until 2018. However, an up! More sporty is out of the question for Brazil, just a striped version in the style of speed up! Is in the plans. Remembering that the up! TSI is even a smart compact and well-suited for a narrow and narrow hatch, however, is not even a hot hatch aimed at curves like the Renault Sandero RS.
It is behind that appear some differences in relation to the up! European. Flashlights with bolder elements may not be part of the more expensive cross up! Caught by AutoSport. It may be something that will change in relation to the car that will debut in the dealerships in the coming months, but it may be the indication that this part will not change much in the production car.

It will keep what does not need to be changed, the 1.0 MPI engine and the 1.0 TSI, but will change some points that it did not please, especially on the inside. The dashboard will have a large spin-up, whose viewing will no longer be a challenge to myopic. In turn, the speedometer has a larger screen of the on-board computer.

Another point of improvement is the steering wheel similar to the one of the Golf, that comes to bring the controls of the sound, speaker and computer of board. It will be a touch that will help to elitize a little the rational interior of the current up !, along with a new multimedia center more practical and equipped with a bigger screen than the current Maps & More. We only hope the price does not increase a lot. After the recent increases, until the move up! TSI increased from R $ 50 thousand – not counting the optional pack.

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