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Self-defense: Cooling problems of the Nissan Sentra

The electric fan is essential in any car: it ensures adequate cooling of the engine, avoiding overheating. That’s why some owners of the Nissan Sentra are so concerned about the growing reports of a defect in the equipment, which in this case also helps in the proper functioning of the air conditioning.

Failure occurs in two ways: either the fan is fired only a few times or it stops at once. In this situation, the engine may heat up to a boil.

Last month, members of the Nissan Club contacted us to report that they already account for more than 30 cases of breakdown of the electric fan in sedans produced from 2013 to 2015.

Among them is the businessman Fernando Palma Sanchez, from São Paulo. “On a hot day, I noticed that the air conditioner stopped working. At the dealership, they would ask me to immobilize the vehicle as soon as possible, “says the owner of a Sentra 2013, which at that time had only 30,000 km rolled.

“In addition to the electric fan, he had also burned the air compressor. Only the cost of the pieces would be $ 7,000 if the car was not under warranty. But they said that in case of engine breakdown, Nissan would not be responsible. ”

Our report reached five authorized Nissan in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and all said they knew the problem and that the replacement of the electric fan is always made as a guarantee.

However, sometimes the concessionaire does not yet know the case, which requires the owner a good power of argument. “They said the problem is rare in the South, so I needed two months of talks so that they could finally do the tests and exchange the piece for the guarantee,” says banker Rafael Machado of Canoas, RS, owner of a Sentra 2014.

Consulted, Nissan do Brasil says only that “the customers were served by the network of dealers, who repaired the vehicles under warranty.” But Sentra is sold with a 3-year warranty – which means that faults that occur from now on on cars made up to 2015 already run the risk of not being covered.

The people complain

“They switched the electric fan without answering. I heard they’re doing a white recall. Now I’m afraid that the problem will come back to the end of the guarantee. “Rodrigo Vilarim Martins, public servant, Natal (RN)
“One day after the guarantee was over they wanted to charge until the diagnosis. The increase was R $ 3,800. I preferred, then, to leave the car in the garage. “Felipe Oliveira Otero, engineer, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
“I noticed that the air conditioning did not work. At home, I discovered that the electric fan had broken. “Rodrigo de Oliveira, technician, Santo Ant. Of Padua (RJ)

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