It may not look like it, but the Citroën C3 gained a good renewal on the 2018 line. The lagged four-speed automatic gearbox that fitted the more expensive versions gave way to a new, six-speed. Much more modern, promises improvement in performance and reduction in consumption. But it is not enough to update all the outdated points of C3. This would only be solved with the coming of the new generation, presented in Europe a year ago. There are no plans, for now, for the representation of Citroën in Brazil to offer this car in our market. Check out how the top-of-the-line Exclusive version, of $ 65,490, came out in our test.

Behind the wheel

Despite not being able to completely modernize the hatch, the new exchange gave a good new breather to the model. The transmission is coupled with the 118 hp 1.6-liter engine and, despite wavering in some gearshifts, the combination works well and makes driving pleasant.

In some moments, the marches are slow to rise, which is solved through manual exchanges made directly on the exchange. Negative point is that no version of the C3 has fins behind the wheel, something present in the lagged four-speed gearbox. Citroën does not disclose performance estimates on acceleration events. When it comes to fuel consumption, the company claims that the car was 7% more economical with the new mechanical set. This improvement was not enough, however, to win A grade in the Inmetro labeling program, since the model continued with grade B.

The suspension assembly is soft and ensures comfort to all passengers, but will not please motorists who prefer cars with sports footprint. The electric steering is quite light for maneuvers, while transmitting confidence to the driver at high speeds.
Ergonomics is the great weakness of the C3. The old age of the project is denounced by the blatant lack of functional door-objects in the cabin. The main one is on the center panel below the air-conditioning settings. However, any object (be it a wallet or a cell phone, for example) falls after accelerating. In addition, the buttons on the multimedia center are too far away from the screen. This not only compromises practicality on board but also requires the driver to decrease his attention to the steering wheel to locate the controls.

Cost benefit

Complete, the version evaluated has as differential digital and automatic air-conditioning system, rain and twilight sensors, limiter and speed regulator and two central armrests. On the outside, highlight chrome mirrors and other chrome details on the trunk lid and the contour of the windows.
One of the great strengths of the Citroën entry hatch is the Zenith panoramic windshield. As standard in this and other versions, it guarantees greater luminosity inside the cabin and sensation of space for all the occupants.
From this 2018 line, all C3s are factory-equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia display. Really, it was time for the model to rely on the feature. It offers access to the radio, car tuning and information on how the driver is driving. There is even the Apple CarPlay, system that makes the use connected to an iPhone much more intuitive. However, it is out of all versions GPS navigation, which should be basic to the price charged by Citroën.

Is it worth the purchase?

No. It is true that there is not a big chasm between the C3 and other models of the same price range when it comes to comfort and performance. However, there are more up-to-date rivals offering good items and superior ergonomics. If your choice is undoubtedly a C3, choose configurations that already offer the panoramic windshield to ensure more comfortable travel. The item comes as standard from the C3 Tendance.


Engine: Front, transverse, 4 cyl. In-line, 1.6, 16V, dual control, flex
Power: 118/115 hp at 5,750 rpm
Torque: 16.1 kgfm at 4,000 rpm
6-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
Direction: Electrical
Suspension: Independent, McPherson (front) and torsion axle (rear)
Brakes: Vented discs (front) and drums (rear)
Tires: 195/60 R15
Length: 3.94 meters
Width: 1,70 m
Height: 1.52 m
Between-axles: 2,46 m

Tank: 55 liters
Luggage compartment: 300 liters (manufacturer)
Weight: 1,182 kg

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