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Ferrari 812 Superfast: the past and the future of the Italian GTs

Without overcharging, V12 engine is the most potent in Ferrari’s history

Ferrari introduced the successor of F12berlinetta: the new 812 Superfast. With a look that resembles the general lines of its predecessor, it continues the lineage of Gran Tourers of the Italian brand, along with the F12tdf, launched at the end of 2015. The new car will be officially presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March .

Under the hood, the purists will rejoice to know that there is a naturally aspirated V12, which had the liters increased to 6.5 liters (compared to the old 6.3 of the F12), generating 800 hp at 8,500 rpm and 73,2 mkgf of Torque at 7,000 rpm. This is the most powerful V12 ever made by Ferrari – in the portfolio of the brand, it is only behind the hybrid LaFerrari and its 963 hp.

This level of performance was achieved thanks to the use of a high-pressure direct injection system (350 bar) and variable geometry manifolds – this latest technology is an inheritance of Ferrari’s work in Formula 1 when the category still employs aspirated engines.

The transmission is automated dual clutch and seven gears that dumps the 800 hp on the rear axle. That may sound kind of vintage, but in reality the 812 employs the maximum of technology: there is a four-wheel drive system, an improved drift mode and, for the first time in the history of the brand, an electric assist steering system.

Ferrari said it was satisfied with the steering feedback level this time, integrating it with all other electronic controls of the car to improve the reactions and safety behind the wheel.

In the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, the 812 Superfast would be able to score 2.9 seconds before the 3.1s of the F12, while the top speed will reach 340 km / h. The dry weight is 1,525 kg, with 47% distribution in the front and 53% in the rear.

Designed by the Center Stile Ferrari, the look of the 812 Superfast is an evolution of F12berlinetta. The fastback design features elements of the classic 365GTB4 of 1969. The all-new body is highlighted by the new boomerang shaped headlamps and the numerous air intakes and exits (including a pair close to the headlamps) that actively work on aerodynamics.

The rear picks up the traditional four round lanterns (similar to those of the GTC4Lusso), as well as an integrated spoiler and four exhaust outlets.

The cabin was discreetly remodeled, bringing an evolution of the F12 with new steering wheel, repositioned air vents and new air-conditioning buttons, leaving the look cleaner, without losing the aggressiveness and technological air of the current Ferrari.

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