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Polo GTI 2.0 TSi swap, the story: me and my polos

I am a fanatic for Porsches, and consequently, Volkswagens, since my childhood. I had my first car at age 17, a VW Sedan 1500 Blue Peacock which is still with me – today, it has Subaru EJ22 engine, rollcage, resized brakes, Porsche seats and wheels, and one more firticles.

I work for Volkswagen do Brasil six years ago, I am an automotive mechanic engineer trained by FEI. I have worked in the Full Vehicle Evaluation departments in Product Engineering, where we performed all the necessary tests for the validation of the vehicle design, to my current position in Manufacturing Engineering, where I plan and build Automotive Painting and Assembly lines End. I also participate actively in a forum of golf enthusiasts (that’s right, not Polo), where I had the pleasure of helping to found together with my friends Arved, Carlos Abel, Rodrigo Mira, Michel Lima and a few other honorary members VWGolfClub.com. Br.

But I’m not here to talk about what I’m doing. The reason is Project Cars # 91: my Polo GTI. Or rather, my second Polo GTI. And look, he’s the fifth Polo I had. So it might be best to put things into context!

The Five Poles

My Polos story began long before I even had a driver’s license or my own Beetle. The first Polo I drove in my life was a Typ 6N, or 6KV, the Polo Classic, in 1998.

This Polo Classic served my family for a few years, and then my dad traded it in 2003 for the Polo 9N 2.0 Comfortline hatch, the longest Polo in my home. This happened at the time of the launch of the vehicle, and I have until today a hardcover booklet book on the model, which was delivered to the first owners. This car has stayed in our family until 2012. It has changed suspension with H & R kit and refined mechanics with remapping for alcohol and increased compression ratio, which has raised the power of the original 116cv cars to incredible 134cv. I say unbelievable because I never thought that remapping in naturally aspirated engines could bring such impressive results, but Polinho was put to the test a few times – and the result left no doubt as to the potential of the EA-113 engine.

My third Polo and also my first zero km vehicle, was a White 9N3 Sportline, which I bought in 2010. This was the first and only Polo I had that received more aesthetic props than mechanical refinements but we had our moments. As a first zero car it will be difficult to forget the reaction of my relatives, who did not believe that in one week the car had already received the H & R suspension kit and more than special wheels at the time, the Ariettas Ariettas of the Polo Gti Cup Edition, rim 17 ” . It was in this car that I also gave the first rides and made the first trips to a person that would be the most important in my life: Michely, today my wife, at that time, just an acquaintance, who would soon become my girlfriend.

Behold, in May 2011, the opportunity knocks at my door: I see a Polo Gti 2007 in an advertisement in the Free Market. Some calls, Michely’s support (though a little disbelieving of the deal – she did not understand how I would exchange a four-door Polo 2010 for a 2007 Polo that had two doors down and cost 10,000 more reais!), And A trip to Curitiba, ready. On Friday I had a Sportline reset, on Saturday, I was coming back from Curitiba sitting in beautiful Recaro seats, in the car I did not even know yet, but that was already my dream.

The 1st Polo Gti

The Polo Gti came to Brazil in 2006 as a 2007 model. VW presented the vehicle at the Auto Show along with the new generation, 9N3, and the car caused a furor. It had only 1,160 kg, engine 1.8 20V Turbo of 150 hp and reached 100 km / h in 8.2 s. A beautiful pocket rocket, stuffed with four air bags and ESP with ASR.

Responding to the rage that the model caused in the Salon, Volks brought a first experimental batch of 30 cars: 20 units Sirius Silver and 10 Red Flash units, all with two doors, all without sunroof and without leather seats or heating; For R $ 99,800. If the lack of the sunroof saddened who was willing to pay almost 100 thousand reais for the vehicle – 10 thousand reais more expensive than the older brother Golf Gti, already in its MK4.5 and 193 cv version – the Recaro fabric benches were the great Featured in the interior for the gearheads, with standardized Interlagos and ample lumbar supports.

Unfortunately this pilot lot of 30 cars was the only one that Volkswagen brought to Brazil. Therefore, this vehicle has become a rarity, with low market devaluation to date.

Well, back to my story. I went to Curitiba to get my first Polo Gti, two doors, red, without sunroof and leather seats. WHAT? LEATHER BANKS? That’s right: the ex-owner had done the sacrilege of sending the plaid fabric into space, and I do not need to explain to you what my biggest disappointment was in this car.

This Polo already had a respect upgrade in the engine, entitled to a Garret GT-25 turbine replacing the original Borg-Wagner K-03S, front intercooler of greater flow, and everything that was necessary to feed this set. But many things displeased me: dark film on the windows left the melancholy days, dark wheels, and leather. All dark. The car had no life. And the preparation was not to my liking. Then came the personal touches.

I removed the film, took the car to the Power Class workshop in São Bernardo do Campo, and installed the 17 “Arietta Borbet wheels and the FK AK-Street coil overs to bring it closer to the ground. I also changed all fluids for new Motul brand. The engine received Motul 8100 and Militec metal conditioner.

The car went to the Advanced Drag Racing Team in São Paulo, where it received a review of the overall preparation. 90lbs Siemens DEKA nozzles took the place of the IWP46 simpletons opened in electroerosion, a Walbro 255 fuel pump entered the tank to increase the pressure in line and support the use of ethanol, new sails, InFlow filter and a 3 “Golf MAF VR6, to increase the reading range, and new reprogramming. All this gave life to the car, which responded well to pulls with pressure of 1.2 bar, pressurizing from 1,800 rpm and reaching maximum pressure at good 2,600 rpm. The cutting rotation was for 7,600 rpm, but it was still a civilian car. The estimated power of the set was 310 hp.

In this car I finished my college, I participated in the first track days, I traveled by the interior of the state, I was contracted by Volkswagen, I asked my wife in marriage during a quick return in the AIC, and unfortunately, I had to sell it to buy the ceiling that I Protect this moment that I write to you. You can not have everything.

But this was the fact that it would give more complicity to my life and my wife …

The 2nd Polo Gti: Phoenix, Project Cars

Marriage coming, very short money, and I, born gearhead, guiding a Gol 1.6 around, always watching the Polo Gti that appeared on the market. But they were never within reach of my savings at that moment.

Here is an incident with a Polo Gti in Fortaleza that saddened many enthusiasts of the model: our friend’s car John Paul threw an electric break in the air-conditioning compressor and caught fire. The damages were few, but they affected the whip of the vehicle, and the insurer had no doubts: it decreed the total loss.

The car was going to the auction and the price seemed good, but the time for the closing was not the best for me. With my savings all committed to the wedding feast and the reformation of my home, there was no room in my life for that opportunity. In spite of that, I talked to my wife and decided that we were going to try to cast off – that was perhaps the only chance to start a project of the car that I liked so much and that was important to us.

And then, the auction begins. The ex-owner was in the auctioneer’s yard to follow the bids and make sure I would win the lot. Four hours of waiting, I connected in SBC, he in Fortaleza. I was the only one interested. I’ll give you one, I’ll give you two …. Went to the transfer As he was the only interested, the auction skips the lot to try to increase the chances of profit. The former owner could not keep track of things: from there I would be alone with the Polo – in fact, 2,700 km away, following everything through the computer screen.

Two more hours of waiting. I give you one – my initial bid was still the only one given – I give you two – I will be the owner of another Polo Gti – SUMIU! The online system seemed to have fallen, and then my bid was deleted!

The auctioneer justified not having reached the minimum price for sale – and more: it blocked my access to the new auction that would happen a week later. It was over. I would not be able to afford it, and even a legal fight would not bring that Gti “back” to me.

Then the following Friday arrived, and Michely warned me: “tomorrow you have the auction to participate”. I asked him: How? And she replied: “with my user. Everything is ready. We will buy the car using my data at the auction “.

Knowing that I could not participate, she had registered herself at the auction so I could have a chance to buy the car! She gave me the best wedding gift that a gearhead could win, the white card that many men fight for a lifetime: go and build your car, and let’s travel again and participate in track days.

And here I am, with pleasure, sharing my story with you, the story of a car that caught fire, and which my beloved wife Michely bravely bought, believing that would make me happy – how she did it! – and gave me so I can play Lego with my VW.

The project will include a lot of cool stuff, and the recipe for it all is history for the next post. Until then!

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