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Fiat Uno with Yamaha R1 engine: the story of CARSFORALLTYPES # 38

I can say that the seed of my project was planted in 1990. This was the year when the Brazilian Formula One GP returned to São Paulo and I, 10 years old, after listening to many stories and following all races through the TV, I was able to go to Interlagos to watch the GP with my father. The moment the first car made its way through the pit lane (I think it was a Minardi-Ford), during free practice the F1 sound would change my whole life from then on. The V10 from Honda and the most spectacular I’ve ever heard, the sound of the V12 from Ferrari, were like no other I’ve heard live to this day. In the following years the volume of the engine of the F1 only diminished, and they still became more and more similar with each other.

After the GP I wondered why the street cars did not even have a sound like that. Some time later and following the bikes, I realized that the Honda 4-cylinder of the time had a very similar sound, even in lower regimes – between 8,000 and 10,000 rpm. I asked then for my only reference at the time, my father, because the cars could not have motorcycle engine. And he, as an excellent administrator, replied that car engine was for car and motorcycle engine was for motorcycle. Then I said: ah understood … (laughs)

And so there was an end to it for over eight years, when I had to choose which faculty I would do. As a good lover of cars I decided to do mechanical engineering with specialization in automobile. And it was in college that … no, not yet this time. I was discouraged by almost all teachers and, out of there, by all mechanics, area engineers and related professionals, to do a project like this.

As in everything in this life there are people who dedicate themselves integrally and others are limited, I was not in everyone’s opinion that discouraged me. I decided to put it on the tip of the pencil myself and check if that would be possible or not. At the same time, I was in a company and I had a lot of freedom with my boss. He liked my ideas and saw that everything I did was very dedicated and logical. Excited by my dream, he decided to play a motor-driven car project. There was then a Porsche Spyder 550 replica with a Suzuki GSXR 1100 engine. It was in this car that I could put everything into practice and learn from some mistakes.

As the car was made in-house, I could use the material and machinery I wanted to build it. At the same time, appeared in recent YouTube, videos of some Mini Cooper with engine of Yamaha R1 and Suzuki Hayabusa made in Europe. He was certain that this was happening in various parts of the world. The difference is that, outside, they did because the engines of those bikes were simply thrown away and left over for the freaks on duty.

Following my career, I had to leave the company and the Porsche Spyder behind – who stayed with my boss. Some time later, already in 2008 and with some change in the pocket, I decided to make my own car with motorcycle engine.

The first item to be purchased would be the engine. As in the previous project I knew it had to be complete to run (all engine components and accessories such as whip, modules, etc …), I went out battling at auctions to get the set. This time, one of the requirements was that it was injected, because the GSXR carburetors did a great job.

Then came the opportunity of a 2005 Yamaha R1, with a year or less of use, that suffered a strong front beat and was backed by two years. I went to see the bike: from the radiator back everything was in perfect condition. No bolt showed any marks that it had been dismantled or scrambled: perfect!

Negotiation made, motorcycle in the garage. Worth saying: a friend’s garage – a fucking friend – who would later still let me build the car in his garage from 2010 until 2013.Valeu Douglas!

The first time the engine was turned on, the choice and purchase of the car and details of the project I will tell in the next post.

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