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Peugeot 208 “GTI Aspro” – the story: me and my French hatches

Let the Games Begin … This is the phrase that I always mentalise every time a new challenge is put in front of me. This was true for the school year, for the language course, for the Military Academy, for graduate school, and for the new higher education. Examples that made me get where I am right now. My name is Luiz Fernando, and here you will know the story that took me to #CARSFORALLTYPES my Peugeot 208, which will be a kind of tribute to the aspiring sports car.

The first passion

For cars, the feeling was no different … I remember as if it were yesterday my first car, my first French, my first injection of automotive addiction in the vein: a Peugeot 206 Quiksilver 1.6, 16V 2003. On receiving, astonished , The car keys of my father’s hands as a gift for a conquered goal, I only kept one sentence: “Beware, this car is not a thousand”. It did not sound like a warning, but as a slight provocation to verify the veracity of his words. And it was all true. As that 1.6 engine pushed well, turned pretty, and played its part with mastery. This, coupled with the unique design of the 206, with its 2 doors and graphics of the brand of surf that gave its name to the version, made that moment even more special.

That day I had more than confirmed my real passion. Cars! I’ve always found it strange that I like racing games more than football games, preferring to take off and Stock Car to go to stadiums, ride my father in his turbocharged cars, go out shopping malls with friends. But there, on board my first car, everything made sense. I never changed anything about him and I was happy like that.

The setback

But life has its feathers too, and they are hard. With this 206, I entered the military academy. When I left the study season, I gave myself a graduation gift for a Citroën C4 hatch GLX 1.6, after all, it was “going up” in my life. The team has xenon headlights, LED lighting, quality sound, H & R sport springs and a 20 “American Racing Casino wheel set.

Six months later, I suffered a horrible accident, traumatic to say the least, after passing badly near Foz do Iguaçu (PR). I remember hearing the tires entering the bush, trying in vain to get the car back on the road, and little after that. I just did not die for the safety of my “graduation gift” – and by a divine dose of luck.

I spent about two months in the sauce, and only after a long time did I resume my search for another car. There was only one “small” problem: the destroyed Citroën had no insurance. Then another challenge began: to look for something financially available. With a little of the savings, added to the family help, I was able to raise ten thousand. It was my starting point, my entry into the new project. I began to look at the used ones, with my natural predilection for the French.

The restart

A rainy weekend in Curitiba (somewhat redundant), middle of May, and I come across a newspaper ad that caught my eye. “Seeing: Citroën C4 VTR, 2 doors, xenon, flawless. Woman’s Car “. Since he already had a broader understanding of the C4 family, he knew that this could be one of the few VTRs with multidirectional xenon headlights, and these were almost always pampered. I called the store Monday, I asked about the state of the car, its mileage, I asked for photos and I asked a specific question that went like this:

“Does this car have multi-directional headlights?”

“What is it, sir? He’s got xenon! ”

– “Go to the headlight of the car. Does he have a black ball inside? ”

“Yes you do!”

“Okay, it’s mine! I just need to take a reliable mechanic. ”

I asked my father to go see the car, take it to the dealership, and tell me everything in detail, since I was not in town that week. At the end of the day he calls me, with concern in his voice:

“Son, you’re not going to buy this car!”

“Why not father, are you ugly?”

“No, he’s very well taken care of, but you’re going to kill yourself here, go to hell!”

And so came the Citroën C4 VTR. I spent two happy years with him, I rode 54 thousand kilometers in this period, I traveled a lot, I modified exterior, I remaped central, I put sports filter, sports springs, reworked dampers and some more pampering of comfort, like electric mirrors, central multimedia, etc. But age weighs. My son already had 104,000 km in, and I needed a new mood, spending less with maintenance and more with fun. And that’s where my Project Car comes in.

The protagonist

A new beginning, a new battle, a new project. Let the games begin … again! I decided I wanted another French, and so it was. I sold the VTR, and with cash in hand and an idea in my head, I joined a Peugeot dealership. I was convinced to look at the mid-range version of the 208, launched at the time, pleasing by its lines leading to the 206 and by the generous panoramic glass ceiling.

But remember: I had as reference the top of the line C4. I was disappointed. Lack of accessories, weak motor (that 1.5 is painful – excuse the owners!), Was not what I imagined – or was my expectations too high? After that first impression, I looked to the side and saw a complete: Griffe 1.6 16v with VVT (known engine – my late 206 sent souvenirs), rain and twilight sensors, parking, digital air type dual zone, LED headlights and projectors, Differentiated fabric, differentiated wheels. Oh yes.

That’s what I wanted. And for a difference of only five thousand, it was worth it – I had no doubt, I took it home! The “smiling” Peugeot (think of the 208 grille) was even happier at the hands of its new owner – who has ambitious plans: to turn him into a pseudo-sport eater and “straight-line drivers” at track day events and Mountain climbs!

In the next posts you will follow everything that was and still be done in this French, I hope you enjoy!

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