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5 cheap cars to buy without entrance

Have you decided that this year will have a “mighty”, but the money is short? So check out the 5 cheap cars to buy without entry.

Who does not give up having an automobile, but wants to spend little while acquiring one, have certainly researched the cheap cars to buy without market entry and values ​​to finance. If there is urgency and almost no money, there is also some concern about the input to be given at the time of purchase. The good news is that it is now possible to buy a vehicle without this initial amount. Financing is one of the options available.

The cheap cars to buy without entrance are also those easier to finance, and with more malleability in the parcels. Because they are popular cars, the negotiation becomes easier, since they represent an expressive market share and are already old acquaintances of the sellers.

Top 5 Cheap Cars To Buy Without Entry

1- Chery QQ
Price: R $ 31,290
The Cherry QQ has a 3 cylinder engine, 1.0, 69 hp. The car comes with air conditioning, power steering, power windows and locks and power steering. Cherry presents as a novelty the fact that the subcompact is manufactured in Brazil. If the consumer wants, there is also a more equipped version, which comes with rear electric windows, alloy wheels, and aft sensor. But, the sale value is R $ 33,690.

2- Fiat MobiEasy
Price on view: R $ 33,030
The Fiat MobiEasy has a 4-cylinder engine, 1.0, 75/73 hp. The car comes with items like bipartite rear bench series, ” brake light ”, hubcaps, glass trunk lid and rear headrests. Because it is a cheaper version, this Fiat model is not equipped with power steering or air conditioning.

3- Volkswagen Take Up 2 doors
Price on view: R $ 35,560
The Volkswagen Take Up 2-door has a 3-cylinder engine, 1.0, 82/75 hp. The main standard parts of the model are the penknife type key, caps, wiper and rear defogger, driver’s seat with height adjustment, rear head restraints and Isofix attachment. The car is one of the most economical in Brazil when it comes to fuel consumption.

4- Volkswagen Gol Trendline 2 doors
Price on view: R $ 36,550
The Volkswagen Gol Trendline 2-door has a 3-cylinder engine, 1.0, 82/75 hp. The car comes equipped with Bluetooth radio, locks and power windows and power steering. Although it has some interesting series items, this model does not have air conditioning.

5- Jac J2
Price on view: R $ 36,990
The Jac J2 has a 4 cylinder engine, 1.4, 113 hp. The standard features of this car are power windows and power windows, power steering, air conditioning, radio and aft sensor. This is the smallest and cheapest model of the Jac, being a great option for those who need a practical vehicle.

Car without entrance

The evolution of the forms of credit brought many advantages to the Brazilian and allowed many people to acquire goods previously unthinkable. Vehicles are the greatest example of this. With cheaper cars and with the possibility of buying without entry, many Brazilians can finally realize the dream of having a car.

The main advantage of acquiring cars without entry is not having to have reservations or give up the savings for this. With the financing, in addition to not having immediate cash to make the purchase, the customer takes the vehicle home without delay. It is buying and leaving driving. It turns out to be the ideal method for those in a hurry or facing a situation where having a car becomes unavoidable. But it is very important to keep an eye on interest rates! Even cheap cars, when financed without entry, get a pretty high end value because of the fees.

Taking precautions

Despite the advantages, one must be careful. The candidate for a new vehicle should know that even the cheapest cars, when bought without a ticket, make it a little expensive. Well, the little can be a lot, it all depends on the interest that will affect the final value. So always investigate what the best financing rates and the best banks for that purpose before signing the first contract.

Making a new purchase should always be a rational decision. The best way is to study all the possibilities and get informed well beforehand. Apart from financing, there are other ways to buy cars without entry, each with its pros and cons. The most important thing is to understand which modality suits your reality and budget.

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