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5 gambiarras that you should never do in your car

Get to know gambiarras that, if used in your car, can cause serious mechanical problems or worsen those that already exist.

The term gambiarra, originally, is used to refer to clandestine electrical installations, or extensions for diverse electrical and electronic devices. But, in general, gambiarra is a very used resource for all types of repairs. In cars it is no different. As the Brazilian loves an improvisation, and since there is not always enough time or money for a professional repair, it is common to call for immediate and temporary solutions to problems that should be addressed by specialists.

With that in mind, we have made a quick list of gambiarras that you should never do in your car. An economy today, after all, could represent a much greater loss tomorrow, including in terms of security.

1. Use screw in place of fuse
Yes, it is bizarre and few have tried, but some have tried to solve short circuit problems by inserting a screw in place of a fuse.

Fuses are parts whose function is to prevent the electrical current of components that are shorted, such as lights, horn or arrows.

At first, it is possible for a screw to solve a fault, but in a short time you are at serious risk of causing a fire in your car.

This is a dangerous game and not recommendable, since a set of fuses can cost less than $ 10.00, being easily found in specialized stores.

2. Complete radiator with tap water
The water in the radiator needs to be filled with specific coolant. When tap water is used it also goes along with mixed chlorine for treatment, which can seriously damage the part.

Do not forget that the radiator is a fundamental component to keep the car’s temperature at normal levels, so its malfunction can generate serious inconvenience.

It is where the heat is exchanged that causes the high temperatures generated by the operation of the engine to be reduced, so, impairing its proper functioning can cause serious mechanical problems to be caused, including a molten motor.

3. Repair radiator with solder
Another problem with the use of tap water in the radiator is the appearance of cracks and holes. In these cases, there are those who appeal to a known gambiarra, which is the weld to close the holes in the radiator caused by the lack of proper maintenance.

Ideally, always, keep the radiator supplied with the correct mixture of water and coolant, which prevents the appearance of damage in its serpentine structure.

4. Doing a bald tire risk
Perhaps this is one of the most dangerous gambiarras that some dishonest drunkards make to sell tires as if they were half-lives. Or worse, sometimes it is the owner of the vehicle that he ventures to do!

Anyone who buys a bald tire with artificially made “knife” grooves is in serious danger of having adhesion and stability problems and endangering their own safety and that of people inside the vehicle.

Tires, only if they are original, and if they are remanufactured, have a guarantee of origin and bought in specialized stores.

When is the time to change the tires

5. Repair the wheel at the base of the hammer
When you try to make a wheel go back to its original shape on the go using a hammer, chances are that that wheel will come back to warp and even get worse than it was before.

This happens because, like all metal, the wheels have a point of resistance that, when surpassed, compromises the integrity of the material and its properties against impacts.

So the ideal, if your car wheel rocks, is to buy a new one. The alloy wheels are a good option, because they are both light and sturdy, as well as being more beautiful.

In any case, they should not be repaired either, preferring to buy a new wheel.

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