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How to avoid damage to a car that is long standing in the garage

Know what to do if your car stands still for a long time and prolongs its life with simple measures to prevent the natural deterioration of the components

Before you leave for a long trip, or at least for a month of well-deserved holidays, if you do not go by car, you will need to be careful when you leave it at that time. Contrary to imagined, a car stopped for more than two weeks can suffer wear or simply need a good cleaning to be used again.

Only powering the engine does not solve
Little-used car owners, in most cases, think that starting the engine once a week is enough to keep the engine from “gluing”. Ledo mistake, it is not just the engine that needs to be regularly triggered to keep it running smoothly.

There are several components which, if left unchecked, can deteriorate, such as the joints and steering box, which only come into play with the car in motion.

So forget the myth of turning the engine on for half an hour thinking that you are guaranteeing the maintenance of your long standing car. You have to ride with it.

Cleaning and protection of sunlight
If you do not have a way, and you really need to get away, they are worth special care with the car. If it is not to be parked in covered garage, provide a cover, with internal protection not to paste in the case if it rains.

A good wax hand before the trip is also recommended; Will prevent particles from sticking to the tiles and stains to solidify, which makes it difficult to remove them.

Gambiarras that you should never do in the car

Fluid change should also be considered
Particular attention should be given to the exchange of car fluids, especially oil, steering fluid and brake fluid. After all, it is not just when they get into action that they wear out, over time they lose their properties and need to be changed as well.

Consider swapping your car fluids every six months if you drive a little. The brake fluid lasts longer: it must be changed after two years, if the mileage does not reach the 20 thousand km that is generally recommended.

Another fluid to watch for is gasoline in the cold starting tank. For added durability, fill it with premium gasoline or Podium and Premium brands.

When should I change the oil in the car?

Seals, seals and hoses dry over time
The timing belt is a vital component of the car’s operation. Their breakage can cause serious damage and are usually only solved with complete engine grinding. To avoid this serious disorder, replace it within 6 years, or the mileage indicated by the manufacturer for exchange is not reached.

The air conditioning system also deteriorates if not regularly actuated. If you do not use it, turn it on once a half hour every two weeks. This serves to keep the hoses and the entire sealing system moist inside.

Wheel chocks are also recommended, so there is no risk of the brakes sticking together, as well as removing the cables that connect the battery to the electrical system, which consume power even when the car is stationary. These two measures are valid for periods longer than 30 days of stopped car.

What if the car is stuck for more than a month?

If your trip is long, or you just do not use the car for longer periods, in addition to the measures already recommended, it is good to leave the vehicle suspended by trestles. Such precaution is intended to prevent the tires from deforming, as the vehicle’s own weight tends to leave them square.

Another false protection that should be avoided is the placement of weights on the clutch pedal. By doing so, you will only be accelerating spring wear.

To avoid problems with the clutch, there is no other way than to run with the car at least once a distance of 5 miles every two weeks.

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