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How to identify the blind spot of the car and avoid accidents

Prudence is the best ally for drivers who want to avoid accidents caused by the approach of vehicles through the blind spot of the car.

Collisions and traffic accidents happen all the time. In most cases, the human fault is responsible for the occurrences, and one of the most common is to ignore the blind spot of the car. Who drives, and even those who have never got a steering wheel knows what it means.

The blind spot is the area that can not be viewed by the driver even if all mirrors are set.

To prevent collisions on objects that are occupying the blind spot, first and foremost, attention is needed and follow the tips we have prepared for you.

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What causes the blind spot of the car?
The blind spot of the car is not just an external area that can not be viewed by external mirrors. The rear and front columns of the vehicle itself also contribute to reduce the visible area, front or rear.

Therefore, the wider the side columns, the greater the blind spot. So how do we ensure our safety and other drivers?

It is necessary, first of all, to start from the beginning. Sitting properly in the driver’s seat already ensures the highest visibility possible as well as the correct fit of all the rear-view mirrors.

In this way you avoid at least creating blind spots that could be perfectly uncovered by simply adjusting your body and mirrors.

The correct position in the driver’s seat is one in which your arms reach the steering wheel without being tight, as well as your legs, which should be in a comfortable position and semi-flexed when driving.

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Adjusting the rear-view mirrors
Of course, the precise adjustment of the rear-view mirrors is the most important part of maximizing the visible external area. Do not forget that the blind spot of the car is inevitable; There will always be an outside part that you will not see, but if your mirrors are well adjusted the chances of a collision will decrease noticeably.

Therefore, when adjusting the external mirrors, place them in a position that shows more the way than your own car. Adjust so that your vehicle adds up to your visual field, and you are in the correct position to drive.

Motorcycles pose more risks
A common complaint among motorists involved in motorcycle accidents is to say they have not seen the vehicle approaching. This is because, as might be expected, motorcycles, because they occupy less space, end up passing through areas that the rearview mirror does not reach.

Sometimes this passage is made abruptly, which may scare the next driver. It is at this time that accidents happen. To avoid them, the ideal is to always be aware of the mirrors, especially in crossings, where it is common to overtake by motorcyclists.

Bikers, of course, are the ones who need to be more careful; Avoiding the blind spot of cars and never overtaking in situations that do not allow this type of maneuver.

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Technology helps reduce blind spot effects
There is already an equipment, known by the acronym BLIS, in English Blind Spot Information System, that alerts to the driver on the presence of “invaders” in the blind point of the car.

Such a device operates with a light that is positioned in the exterior mirror. If a vehicle occupies the blind spot, it lights up, alerting the driver.

Some luxury cars are equipped with a camera system that detects the dangerous approach of other vehicles, telling the driver about moving at speeds below 20 km / h or above 70 km / h, as long as they are close enough to represent danger.

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Cesvi points cars with better market visibility
The Center for Experimentation and Road Safety, Cesvi, periodically conducts tests to assess how much visibility the touring cars offer.

Among the compact cars, the Ka Hatch and the Mini Cooper stand out with good visibility, while the negative highlights go to the JAC J3 and the Volkswagen Fox.

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