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Tips for buying used car

For those who do not have the money to buy a new car, used and semi-new cars are good alternatives. Check out some tips to buy used car and make a good deal.

The first thing you need to know, if you are thinking of buying a used car, is that used vehicle that has more than 3 years of manufacture and use; If you are under 3 years old it is considered a semi new.

But when you decide to buy a used car, it does not mean that you are buying an old car. Check out some tips to buy used car and make a good deal.

Tips for buying used car
Buying a used car in good condition can be challenging as appearances can fool you and it is very easy to carry cat by hare. See the tips for not making a mistake in the purchase.

1. On the outside: used car paint and shop
You know that expression on the outside beautiful viola, inside moldy bread? This is what can happen when buying a used car. So the first tip to buy used car is to find out if it has already been hit.

The main problem of buying a car unknowingly hit is that, in addition to paying more expensive, the beat may have compromised the chassis or mechanical parts, and this could do a great deal of damage in the future …

See the car in an environment with plenty of light, preferably a homogeneous light. The car must be dry so that any imperfection that exists can be seen clearly.

Look for ripples in the bodywork. See the front, the rear, see from far and near. Put your face against the fender and check for imperfections, marks or unevenness. Also, keep your hands in case you have questions. Look for different shades of ink and traces of paint on other parts.

Attention to one of the main tips for buying used car: if the inner paint of the hood is new, it could mean that the car has been repaired by beat.

Make sure the doors are aligned and there are no uneven spacings on the bonnet and doors. Make sure the exterior parts, such as headlights, are original.

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2. Inside: upholstery, floor and mechanics
Okay, you’re going to buy a used car, but in fact how much less used it has been is better! Make sure the pedals are heavily worn, as is the steering wheel and gearbox. See the state of conservation of the seats and if there are no traces of water, the car may have been flooded.

See if the tires are worn regularly. Irregular wear indicates misalignment and suspension problems. Swing the car up and down the front of the car to check the condition of the shock absorbers. If the car is slow to stop swaying, the shock absorbers may be compromised.

Among the tips for buying used car, open the hood and check the overall look of the engine. See the oil level, the thickness, and if there are no leaks. Make sure there are no gambiarras or many pieces that are not original.

Ask about the water consumption of the radiator and see if the air filter is clean. When accelerating the car, see the color of the smoke coming out: if it is white, the car may be burning oil, which may indicate an already worn out engine.

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3. Within the law: consult Detran and Denatran
Another very important aspect when buying used car are the legal issues. It’s no use making a good purchase if the car is not in good standing or even if it’s a stolen car and the chassis has been tampered with.

Do not pay before going through the Detran survey of your state. Ideally, the seller and buyer of the car should be present during the survey. Check with Denatran to check the legal status of the car, in regard to fines, IPVA delays or other irregularities.

Even with all these tips for buying used car, it would be best to see the used car accompanied by a reliable mechanic and do a test drive.

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