Foto: divulgação/Mick Kok
Foto: divulgação/Mick Kok
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Supercar Sunday Assen 2017: the unbelievable encounter of supercar, hypercar and exotic

Sundays were meant to wake up late, relax, have lunch at three in the afternoon and prepare for the coming week, will not you? Often. Once in a while there’s a good program to get you up early. The 2017 edition of Vredestein Supercar Sunday, which took place at the TT Circuit racetrack in the Netherlands, was a fine example.

As its name suggests, the event is a supercar rendezvous, held every year on a selected Sunday. This year the event took place on June 4, obviously a Sunday, and brought together an extremely varied selection not only of supercars, but of exotic ones in general. Of course, high-performance sports cars were in the majority, but luxury sedans, exclusive SUVs and even muscle cars, which are a rare sight anywhere in Europe – even more so if it’s an orange Dodge Challenger with the Confederate flag in the Ceiling, in a very nice tribute to the famous Charger “General Lee” of “The Gatões”.

The TT Circuit is located in Assen, a town just north of the Netherlands, and was the venue for the first edition of Supercar Sunday. The event will take place from 2014 and this year for the first time it will have two editions – the other will take place in September at the Zandvoort circuit, famous for hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Holland. But the TT Circuit also has its charm – In 1955 to receive motorcycle races, it has a very challenging stroke, interspersing high stretches with straight and flatout curves and more technical and truncated parts. The TT Circuit Assen has been in the Dutch stage of the MotoGP World Championship since the start of its operations, and is often called by the fans of the “motorcycle cathedral” category.

So the landscape there on June 4 was a bit different from what we see there, with four-wheelers instead of two. And the list of cars that have come is a real dream garage, to make hypermarkets like LaFerrari and McLaren P1 look ordinary. The photos speak for themselves:

The two Koenigseggs who were at the event were supplied by the German dealer PACE, official representative of the Swedish brand in Germany – a yellow Agera RS, equipped with a V8 biturbo of five liters, 1,160 hp and 130,5 mkgf of torque; And the prototype of Agera RS, which was present at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015.

Other gems that were there were a McLaren P1 GTR with chrome bodywork, converted to rotate on the streets; A rare Tramontana R, a single-seater made in Spain that, instead of doors, has a canopy that rises to give access to the interior of the car and is equipped with a Lamborghini V10 of 5.2 liters and 660 hp; And even a Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss, barchetta version (without roof or windshield) of the McRaren SLR that has only 75 units manufactured – each with a supercharged V8 6.5 hp 650 and capacity to accelerate up to 100 km / H in 3.5 seconds, with a maximum of 350 km / h.

The Mercedes-based Mercedes Thijs Timmermans took a Mercedes-AMG S65, sedan with a six-liter six-liter V12, 630 hp and 101.9 mkgf of torque, painted yellow; And an AMG G500 4 × 4² – SUV high-suspension quad and a V8 twin-turbo four-liter and 422 hp, practically a G63 AMG 6 × 6 with two less wheels.

And the cool thing is that the cars were not just parked in the pits or lined up in the main straight as in the photo above: they went to the track of course – either parading or in hot laps timed without commitment, just for fun. There were also rev battles (the cars accelerate stationary, and win the noisiest), tear-off bouts and, for € 47.50, any visitor could take a ride in the seat of a supercar inside the Circuit and the surrounding streets.

The Dutch site followed everything up close and made a beautiful video coverage that, unfortunately, is all in the native language and has no subtitles. The images, however, are a guarantee of entertainment as well as the photo gallery taken by photographer Mick Kok, who accompanies the Supercar Sunday Assen from the outset and was the official photographer of the parade. Enjoy!

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