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Chevrolet S10 LTZ flex 4 × 4 automatic: it was only what was missing

The smooth life of Hilux is over: now the S10 flex also has automatic transmission

Currently, the ranking of sales of medium sized pickup trucks has at the top S10 (among diesel, who dominates is Hilux). And this situation must remain the same for a long time, because at the end of April comes the long awaited reinforcement that was missing: the automatic transmission.

Pickup trucks are in Chevrolet’s DNA. The brand understands how few consumers of this type of vehicle and precisely because of this, it is difficult to understand why there is so much delay in attaching the automatic transmission to the engine flex – the diesel-powered, long ago, have that possibility.

Officially, the answer is, “It took us a long time because we made a point of having a product of excellence in the end.” Another house clerk was more direct: “We really did. We heard complaints from our dealerships, claiming that customers were moving to Toyota because the automatic S10 flex simply did not exist, “he said, on a pledge to keep his name confidential.

The 2.5-liter automatic transmission and 2.5-liter engine comes in handy, opening the 2018 line of the brand in four versions: LT 4 × 2 (R $ 107,990) and 4 × 4 (R $ 116,990) and LTZ 4 × 2 (R $ 122,990 ) And 4 × 4 (R $ 129,990).

Toyota Hilux flex, in turn, starts from R $ 114,420 in the SR 4 × 2 version, passes for R $ 123,760 in the SRV version 4 × 2 and reaches R $ 134,410 in the SRV version 4 × 4, always with automatic Six gears.

Our test was done with the top-of-the-line version of the S10 flex, the 4×4 LTZ, at GM’s Cruz Alta Test Field in Indaiatuba (SP).

As standard, it already comes fully equipped with front and rear dash alerts, traction and stability controls, tire pressure alert, 4 × 4 traction with reduced and limited slip differential, air-digital, rain sensors And twilight, hill assist, electrically folded rearview mirrors with flashing repeaters, rear and front parking sensors, 8-inch MyLink central and driver’s seat with electrical adjustments.

The key note is the presence of only two mandatory airbags – the Ranger flex brings no less than seven, while Hilux offers three.

Time of departure

Refurbished in line 2017, GM’s pickup, as expected, does not bring aesthetic news. On the outside, nothing more than a new distribution of identification plates, now, with the name S10 in the cover of the bucket and in the front doors.

The other news is also outside, but not in the body: now in the LTZ, it is possible to start the engine remotely by the key, which allows to enter the truck after a few minutes of air conditioning running.

But it is at the wheel that the S10 2.5 automatic flex more impresses. The exchange rate is the same as for the diesel versions, a six-speed automatic transmission and a manual (and sequential) shift option with touches on the lever. Smoothly, it works with excellent progressivity, treating the occupants with a smooth running.

On the track, always with petrol, the automatic S10 showed a similar pique to the manual, with practically the same number in acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h (11.7 to 11.4 seconds). And it does so with little loss in urban / road consumption (7.5 / 10.8 km / l in the automatic and 8.5 / 10.6 km / l in the manual).

The product presentation test-drive at CPCA included a pass through the off-road track, basically a 2.7-kilometer circuit with a large hole. To improve, the night before the rain had fallen hard, turning that whole land into mud. In this environment, the automatic exchange also presented virtues.

Combined with the electronic traction selector, the S10 flex found no challenge to hold it, however bad the grip condition. Of course the 2.5-liter engine with its 206/197 hp and 27.3 / 26.3 mkgf of torque goes far from the brute-force of the diesel-powered, with its 200 hp and 51 mkgf.

On the other hand, in terms of sales, the much lower price of the flex version compared to diesel (an average of 19.4%) promises to give the automatic S10 the same good performance that the manuals have always had.


The good cost-benefit of the S10 automatic flex has everything to bother even the beloved of the market, Toyota Hilux.

Track test (with gasoline)

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 11.7 s

Acceleration from 0 to 1000 m: 33.1 s – 157 km / h

Retraction of 40 to 80 km / h (in D): 5.1 s

Retraction 60 to 100 km / h (in D): 6.5 s

Retraction from 80 to 120 km / h (in D): 8.7 s

60/80/120 km / h brakes at 0: 17.9 / 29.5 / 67.4 m

Urban consumption: 7,5 km / l

Consumption by road: 10,8 km / l

Technical specifications – Chevrolet S10 LTZ 2.5 flex 4 × 4

Price: R $ 129,990

Engine: flex, diam., Long, 4 cylinders, 16V, 2,457 cm3; 206/197 hp at 6,000 / 6,300 rpm, 27.3 / 26.3 mkgf 4,400 rpm

Currency: automatic, 6 gears, 4 × 4

Suspension: McPherson (front) / spring beam (rear)

Brakes: ventilated discs / drum (rear)

Direction: electric

Wheels and tires: aluminum, 265/60 R18

Dimensions: length, 536.1 cm; Width, 187.4 cm; Height, 183.1 cm; Between-axles, 309.6 cm; Weight, 1934 kg; Tank, 76 l

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