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Revealed in Europe, new VW Polo not responsible or Fox

The name Polo does not bring good memories to Volkswagen in Brazil. Formerly associated with the sedan imported from Argentina between 1996 and 2002 with the surname Classic, the car was reborn in 2002 with the proposal of being a world-class premium compact, long before this segment became popular here.

Although modern and refined, the Polo was considered too expensive for a vehicle of similar size to Gol. It won loyal fans for the quality of construction and drivability, but it never became a sales success, embittering the role of low-profile supporting until leaving the scene in 2014.

The new generation of the Polo, finally unveiled in Berlin, is expected to start selling in Brazil by the end of the year, and has bigger ambitions around here: it will form the basis for a new sedan (Virtus, whose production begins in 2017 ), A compact SUV (based on the T-Cross concept) and a fourth product not revealed by the automaker – possibly a mid-sized pickup truck to compete with Fiat Toro.

Several technologies will be adopted for the first time in the sixth generation of the Polo, such as park assist, adaptive autopilot, emergency braking, blind spot alert and stay alert on track, among other items.

Even the most sophisticated Audi and VW digital dashboard is on the list of the most expensive standard equipment – and it should also be offered in Brazil. The screen of the new multimedia center is eight inches, one of the largest in the category.

Largest on all sides, the pole is 4.05 m long (7 cm higher than the previous generation) 1.75 m wide (7 cm higher), 1.44 m high and wheelbase of 2.56 cm (9 cm larger). The design was inspired by the latest launches of the brand, such as the Arteon sedan, with the front grille emulating a small extension of the hood.

Three petrol options will be offered in the European market, all with direct injection of fuel and turbocharger: 1.0 TSI (120 hp in Europe), 1.5 TSI (150 hp) and 2.0 TSI (200 hp), the latter available only in the version Sporting GTI – also presented at the event held in Germany.

In Brazil, the model is likely to be offered in simpler configurations, including the 1.6 MSI (120 hp) engine and the 1.4 TSI (150 hp) engine.

Until now it is only known that the Polo will be produced at the plant in São Bernardo do Campo, which was extensively modernized and adapted to receive the new assembly line. Asked by some Brazilian publications, VW Brasil was limited to saying that the Polo will have several technologies present in the European model.

The press office also said that no model will be discontinued with the arrival of Polo in the country. This means that the brand must realize an inevitable price-range overlapping of its five hatches.

The distribution can look like this: the current Gol is signed as Volkswagen entry car, below the Up! (Newly restyled and better equipped). In the middle range Fox appears, until then the model most quoted to be retired due to the advanced age of the project launched in 2003. There arises the new Polo, which would be just below the Golf.

Considering this scenario, VW believes that Polo will occupy the segment currently known as premium compact. In it are both the more expensive versions of Hyundai HB20, Chevrolet Onix and Fiat Argo as Citroën C3 and Ford New Fiesta, models originally framed in this group since its launchings – in addition to the Honda Fit, a minivan that also ends up competing in a price range a little Higher.

The brand did not disclose price estimates, but suggested that the Polo will follow the range of values ​​practiced by rivals previously mentioned – that is, we can expect something from R $ 50 thousand to R $ 80 thousand.

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