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Engineer makes Mercedes van with suspension of … truck!

What to do when you do not give up the pleasure of driving a turkey, but does your partner (or partner) make a point of having an SUV?

The solution of a Mercedes engineer was quite simple: put the 4 × 4 transmission system – including the exclusive portal axes – of the indestructible Unimog truck into an E-Class Estate.

The result is a van that would certainly humiliate most SUVs on heavier trails. Thanks to the portal system, where the hub of the wheel is lower than the tip of the axle, the Mercedes Class E 4 × 4² has ground clearance of stratospheric 42 cm. To get an idea, this is more than double that found in Troller T4!

The adaptation was relatively simple and involved changes in the two subchassis, to receive the new differentials and suspension, and the widening of the mudguards. The execution time was of fast six months, because the engineering department used 3D printing for the production of some pieces. The model retained the E400 engine, with a V6 twin-turbo petrol 333 hp and nine-speed automatic gearbox.

Mercedes made it clear that the prototype is a project with no intention of getting to the streets. But given the positive impact of critics and fans after revealing the van, executives indicated they could produce the model in a special low-volume series. It makes sense: for those who have already made a Jeep AMG 6 × 6, a SUV is not anything from another world …

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