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97% of the average sedans and 50% of the compact sedans

Automatic transmission has become a national preference – at least in some segments.

According to Jato, 96.4% of the average sedans sold from January to April are automatic. The preference is so great that only three models currently offer manual gearbox: Citroën C4 Lounge, Honda Civic and Volkswagen Jetta.

Among the compact sedans, the first step for those who want more space for emerging families, 45.5% of the models sold had this transmission in the period. In the case of Etios, for example, this figure rises to 68.5%.

For hatches, the situation changes. Among the compact ones, where price is decisive, the manual exchange follows preference: only 22.4% are automatic.

In the average, more expensive hatches, the ratio reverses: it jumps to 72.9%. Because they have a public profile similar to that of average sedans, compact SUVs also have the majority equipped with automatic transmission: 85.3%.

Besides the individual taste, the exchange rate directly influences the resale of the models. Manual mid-sized sedans are often stranded in the backyard – which does not so strongly affect average hatches.

Consulted, shopkeepers pointed to the difficulty of reselling and the greater devaluation of the models. “We have come to reject manual sedans for the very low demand,” said the seller of a multi-brand in the city of São Paulo.

“SUVs also suffer from this. I was a few months with a Honda HR-V manual exposed and nothing. ”

Medium Sedans

Automatic manual
Citröen C4 Lounge 98.2% 1.8%
Volkwagen Jetta 96.9% 3.1%
Honda Civic 96.1% 3.9%
Average hatches

Automatic manual
Volkswagen Golf 78.8% 21.7%
Ford Focus 63.7% 36.3%
Compact hatches

Automatic manual
Chevrolet Onix 15.7% 84.3%
Toyota Etios 41.5% 58.5%
Hyundai HB20 21.5% 78.5%
Nissan March 27% 73%
Peugeot 208 38.1% 61.9%
Citröen C3 40.9% 59.1%
Compact Sedans

Automatic manual
Chevrolet Prisma 31% 69%
Toyota Etios Sedan 68.5% 31.5%
Hyundai HB20 S 49.1% 50.9%
Nissan Versa 44.7% 55.3%

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