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97% of the average sedans and 50% of the compact sedans

Automatic transmission has become a national preference – at least in some segments. According to Jato, 96.4% of the average sedans sold from January to April are automatic. The preference is so great that only three models currently offer manual gearbox: Citroën C4 Lounge, Honda Civic and Volkswagen Jetta. Among …

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Self-defense: Honda Fit trunk eases easily

It all started with one simple observation: the surplus of second-generation Honda Fit units running through the streets with the kneaded back cover. A quick search on the internet showed that it was not just a coincidence. There are dozens of pages dedicated to the same theme. This occurrence is …

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How much gasoline does an engine need?

Once we understand the operation of the entire mechanical assembly and how the air moves inside the engine, it is time to change stage. From now on we will add fuel to this mixture to power the engine. We start an extensive, and often complex series. But that I will …

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