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5 gambiarras that you should never do in your car

Get to know gambiarras that, if used in your car, can cause serious mechanical problems or worsen those that already exist. The term gambiarra, originally, is used to refer to clandestine electrical installations, or extensions for diverse electrical and electronic devices. But, in general, gambiarra is a very used resource …

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5 cheap cars to buy without entrance

Have you decided that this year will have a “mighty”, but the money is short? So check out the 5 cheap cars to buy without entry. Who does not give up having an automobile, but wants to spend little while acquiring one, have certainly researched the cheap cars to buy …

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Thinking fast: the story of Puma GTS

I met the term gearhead in the late Jalop. To be honest, I initially did not identify myself with the expression – and there are times when I still do not know if I fit into the typical “car class” profile. I grew up among them, though. My father kept …

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Tire caster: does it make sense or not?

Defended by everyone in the past, today the tire caster creates more doubts than certainties The number of people who support a caster must equal that of the caster. Not only when talking about traffic and traffic restrictions in big cities, but also when the proposed rotation is that of …

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