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Skoda Kodiaq

The Kodiaq is a crucial auto for Skoda, taking it privately into the expanding SUV showcase with the brand’s trademark mix of characteristics: tactful styling, liberal particular, and bunches of metal for the cash. To be completely forthright, nothing will make your jaw drop. In view of a similar stage …

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BMW X1 xDrive25 Diesel 2016

The littlest of BMW’s scope of SUV models is back for a moment era with the entry of the new X1. Albeit outwardly like the active model it is an altogether different auto underneath, profiting from the more prominent sharing of engineering over the BMW and Mini brands to make …

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Interesting OnStar System Curiosities and Causes

With almost nine months market, check out the most frequent calls to the system, the number of cars recovered from theft and robbery, among other interesting facts Launched at the end of September last year at Cruze (but existing in the US since 2006), OnStar’s personal concierge system and personal …

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What are screen-printed banners for windscreens?

They finish the glass in the manufacturing process and also function as UVB protection It serves to finish and improve the adhesion of the laminated glass that are glued to the frame of the windshield. Thus, it hides imperfections of these areas and even equipment, such as internal rear view …

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How do assemblers do the power measurement of an engine?

Manufacturers use bench dynamometers, other than workshop roller dynamometers Which of the dynamometers provides data close to the real ones, those that measure by the wheels or the engine? And where do the numbers provided by the automakers come from? – Vinicius de Andrade Rossello, São Paulo (SP). In the …

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Nine tips to make your engine last longer

The longevity of the propellant (and its parts) depends on simple and easy to adopt measures To avoid early retirement of your car’s engine, simply follow a simple maintenance routine and adopt some behaviors that will save you lots of money in the medium and long term. Most of the …

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