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What is Total Vehicle Loss

Do you know what total vehicular loss is in auto insurance and what to do if it happens to you? Read the article and understand better. The biggest fear of anyone who has a vehicle, especially if it is still being paid, is to have the car stolen or stolen, …

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Tires: seven curiosities from the era of extremes

From the biggest to the most expensive, meet seven superlatives from the world of tires At the Geneva Motor Show in March, Pirelli presented its first tires with sensors that “talk” to a mobile phone application, providing a lot of information to the driver: wear, pressure, temperature, ideal exchange time …

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Tips for buying used car

For those who do not have the money to buy a new car, used and semi-new cars are good alternatives. Check out some tips to buy used car and make a good deal. The first thing you need to know, if you are thinking of buying a used car, is …

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5 gambiarras that you should never do in your car

Get to know gambiarras that, if used in your car, can cause serious mechanical problems or worsen those that already exist. The term gambiarra, originally, is used to refer to clandestine electrical installations, or extensions for diverse electrical and electronic devices. But, in general, gambiarra is a very used resource …

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5 cheap cars to buy without entrance

Have you decided that this year will have a “mighty”, but the money is short? So check out the 5 cheap cars to buy without entry. Who does not give up having an automobile, but wants to spend little while acquiring one, have certainly researched the cheap cars to buy …

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